Donations and Fundraising

Donations and Fundraising

Apraxia is a very severe speech disorder and current research recommends a minimum 3-4 therapy sessions a week. These costs exceed funding that is available to help families. That is the reason we strive to provide help to families affected by Apraxia of Speech (CAS) for little to no cost.

We work hard to fundraise to reduce the costs of our summer camps for the children who attend, as well as our Parent Workshops. During the year we run 2 Purdy’s fundraisers, one at Easter and one at Christmas.

We are always looking for other fundraisers, and you can keep checking back here to see how you can help.

If you want to help you can also send donations directly to us  Please note that we are a registered non-profit, but not as a charity, so we CANNOT issue tax receipts.

Thank you for your support!