Calgary Apraxia Parents Exchange (CAPE) is a registered non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer run (NO ADMIN COSTS), and we organize family events to build a network of support for families affected by Apraxia. We ask for you to consider supporting our cause. We need to raise over $20,000 to run our summer camp program for children ages 3-10. You can support us with a direct donation, or a donation-in-kind, gift certificate or item that we can use in our upcoming raffles.

Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a severe motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have problems saying sounds, syllables and words. This is not because of muscle weakness or paralysis. Instead, the brain has problems planning how to move the body parts (e.g. lips, jaw, tongue) needed for speech. Children with CAS generally have typical comprehension, behavior, and physical development, but have significant difficulty expressing themselves. Children with CAS generally progress slowly in therapy, require years of intensive therapy in order to communicate their wants and needs, and may have co-occurring learning difficulties (such as reading and writing) due to their severe communication challenges.

In 2016, the Calgary Apraxia Parents Exchange successfully held its first ever summer camp for children with Apraxia. No such camps currently exist in the province (or Western Canada), and these children are generally poorly served by summer camps due to their unique communication challenges. In 2017 we expanded our summer camp program to include more than double the number of children. In 2018 we plan to again expand and plan to host over 60 children in our camp program. It is estimated that 1-2 / 1000 children are affected with Apraxia, or approximately 500-1000 children in Calgary.

You can learn more about our organization and Apraxia at

In order to make the camp affordable for families of children with Apraxia, we are fundraising to cover the costs involved in providing a specialized camp. We would greatly appreciate grants or donations to help cover the cost of staffing and other expenses. Ideally, we would love to make this camp free for children with CAS, or at least comparable in costs to other non-therapeutic camps. Since children with Apraxia generally require significant amounts of therapy each year (many of which are not covered through public services), these families are already likely paying significant amounts out of pocket on a yearly basis.

CAPE relies on generous donors such as you. Your donation will help ensure we can provide a summer camp experience to children that otherwise would not have.

You can see our current fundraisers here:

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Fall Raffle Fundraiser  – $10 each for the chance to win 12 prizes worth over $3200! Grand Prize is $1000 Air Canada Gift Card!

Thank you for your support!