Summer Camp Program

In 2019, Calgary Apraxia Parents Exchange is running it’s 4th Annual summer camps for children with Apraxia. The camps will be run by Speech Language Pathologists, but will not have speech therapy sessions. Instead we are building a summer camp that is full of language rich activities that the children can enjoy along with peers that have similar communication challenges.

Please note that these camps are for children with apraxia, suspected apraxia, motor planning speech disorders, or suspected motor planning speech disorders.

We are fundraising for our Summer Camp Program – check our facebook page for how to help!

Camp Details – Camp CHAOS!

Week 1 – July 8-12, 2019 for ages 5-8; full days- $150/child

Week 2 – July 15-19, 2019 for ages 3-4; half days – $75/child

Week 3 – July 22-26, 2019 for ages 5-8; full days – $150/child

Week 4 – July 29 – Aug 2, 2019 for ages 3-4; half days – $75/child

Week 5 – Aug 12-16, 2019 for ages 7-10; full days – $150/child

That’s right! 5weeks again!!! We are so excited to be expanding our camp program again this year.

Full details coming soon, but it will be another fun year that includes trips to the Zoo and Science Centre; and week 5 with kids ages 7 and up will include special visit from Engineering for Kids that has lots of science activities planned for the kids.

Location – Bridgeland Community Centre

Hours –  The full day camps will be Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm; the half day camps will be 8:30am – noon; 1:00 – 4:30pm

Camps are un-parented, and are run by an SLP and an aide. And there will only be 8-10 children per camp.

For each week of camp there will be a planned schedule to be posted soon!

Costs for the camps are $75 for the half day camps, and $150 for full day camps.

**Please note that camp drop off and pick up will be at the Science Centre and Zoo on the Tuesday/Thursday of each week. We are doing this to save costs, which allow us to pass on savings to our campers.

Kids will be required to have indoor and outdoor shoes, and to be dressed for the weather. Each student will also be  required to bring a lunch and 2 snacks, or just a snack for the half day camps (peanut free please).

And there will be a family BBQ on the Friday of each camp where the families of the children can come and meet each other, this is included in the cost of the camp.

We are doing our best to keep the cost of the camps very low, as we know that many families are already paying a lot for speech services not covered elsewhere. The cost of the camp is $150/child/week for full week camp or $75/child/week for half day camp.

Due to staffing ratios, rental space accessibility, and our desire to fill an otherwise unmet need in the Calgary summer day camp scene, participants at Camp CHAOS should meet the following criteria:

  • Meet age restrictions listed above as of the first day of their summer camp experience
  • Toilet trained
  • Has typical mobility skills (please note that our summer camp rental space is up a flight of stairs at the community centre)
  • Apraxia of speech is their primary area of difficulty, as diagnosed by a Speech-Language Pathologist*
  • Able to provide a letter from the child’s Speech-Language Pathologist stating that the child has been diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech as their primary communication difficulty. (This letter should state that the child’s main diagnosis is one of the following – apraxia, suspected apraxia, motor planning speech disorder, or suspected motor planning speech disorder)

Registration for 2018 summer camp program will be open Feb 1, 2019.

Please print and complete these forms (5 pages) and return them plus the letter from your SLP to Payment can be made to by EMT to the same email address, or you can contact us for other payment options. Costs for the camps are $75 for the half day camps, and $150 for full day camps.

2019 Camp CHAOS registration form

2019 Camp CHAOS media release form

2019 Camp CHAOS questionnaire form

2019 Camp CHAOS waiver A form

2019 Camp CHAOS waiver B form

Please contact us at for any questions.